AugmentedPro Tutorials

Watch our video tutorials to learn how to use AugmentedPro in a few clicks.

How to create a project with basic content

Learn how to create a new project, insert content into steps, insert steps, add buttons for transitions between steps, export to an AugmentedPro Player scenario and play the scenario.

How to define a Player device with a calibrated camera

Learn how to calibrate a camera with AugmentedPro Player and how to define a device with a calibrated camera in AugmentedPro Creator. It is required to have a device with a calibrated camera in AugmentedPro for most projects. The only case where a calibrated camera is not required is with an Augmented Reality that uses a texture trackable and only images defined as augmented reality content.

How to insert Augmented Reality

Learn how to define new augmented reality content, insert virtual elements to be displayed in augmented reality, manipulate elements in 2D and in 3D, change the camera mode and add an augmented reality scene to a step.

How to use 3D model trackables

Learn how to define augmented reality with a 3D model trackable, insert 3D virtual content to be displayed in augmented reality and set the initial camera point of view for your 3D trackable.

How to insert a report

Learn how to insert reporting components such as checkboxes, text fields, camera capture and screenshot buttons, link them to a report container and insert report buttons into your steps.