Augmented Reality solutions for the industry

AugmentedPro makes your industrial operations easier with high-end augmented reality software adapted to your maintenance, production and inspection tasks. AugmentedPro is an augmented reality software suite that includes a Creator component for the authoring of your procedures and a Player component for the execution of your procedures: use AugmentedPro Creator to create your own procedures easily, and AugmentedPro Player to play them on the operational ground.

Augmented reality software solutions have already proven to reduce the execution time of industrial procedures by more than 50% in various cases and to reduce human errors drastically. With AugmentedPro, move forward to the deployment of a professional augmented reality software adapted to your industry with the ability to create and maintain your own procedures.

Download AugmentedPro, test it for free during 7 days with your own projects created in AugmentedPro Creator, and create your account to order a Demonstrator license for one or several months. Contact us for Production licenses and for specific features to get your custom augmented reality software based on AugmentedPro.
AugmentedPro Creator

Create your task lists with AR content, without coding

Create your operational procedures step by step in a few clicks with augmented reality instructions placed precisely on top of your existing assets in the user interface. Get a simple procedure ready in a few minutes with augmented reality and inspection features !

Design step by step

Create all the steps you need for your procedure and organize them in a sequential order. Non sequential procedures can also be designed with buttons inserted in steps that can take you directly to any other step.

Insert 2D and 3D content

Insert visual elements in your steps: images, text, shapes and reporting elements such as textbox, checkbox, screenshots and more. In augmented reality views and inspection views, insert images, text, shapes and 3D models.

Augmented Reality

Add augmented reality in your procedures to display information at the exact position on your equipment and save time executing the procedure. Tracking can be based on an image, on markers, or on a CAD model.


Add automatic inspection in your procedures. Inspect elements based on a reference image, or based on the geometry of CAD models to inspect. Define your own inspection criteria and apply them to each inspected element.


Add reports to your procedures, including any of the reporting elements inserted in the steps of your procedure. Define labels for each reporting element and group them in report sections to organize your report.

PDF Import

Reuse existing documentation in your AugmentedPro procedures with the PDF import feature. Import an existing PDF document, define visual areas to extract and insert them easily in the steps of your procedure.
AugmentedPro Creator

Play your task lists with AR content

Play your procedures designed with the Creator on tablets, glasses or videoprojection systems and visualize instructions in augmented reality.

Live procedures

Transfer the procedures generated by AugmentedPro Creator to your AugmentedPro Player device and play them live instantly on tablets, videoprojection and glasses with any operating system: Windows, Android or iOS.

Augmented Reality

Visualize information displayed in augmented reality precisely on your equipment. Complete your procedures faster without complex paper documentation and reduce errors with accurate information at the right time.


Visualize the state of each inspected element according to your inspection criteria directly on your equipment. Start an inspection and make sure that the current step is completed before moving to the next one.


Visualize and save your operational reports. An HTML report page is saved on your device and your browser is automatically launched to view the report. Share it with your IT infrastructure to improve traceability.


Connect to the Internet of Things ! WIth AugmentedPro, define easily a connection protocol and send commands to a connected screwdriver or any other IoT device when clicking on a button or moving to the next step.


For a seamless integration in your production processes, launch AugmentedPro Player in command line with a particular project, or start a project by scanning a barcode, a QR code or an RFID from the Player start page.